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Marketing Plan

What is the recipe to sell fast at the best price?

Today’s determining factors in selling your home are: “Location, Price, Exposure.” Because not all properties are alike, there are a variety of requirements needed to complete a successful sale.


The old quote “location, location, location” used by some real estate agents is definitively outdated. If you meet a real estate agent who swears by it, run away. Although location is very important, it is not enough if your home is overpriced or if nobody is aware that your property is for sale.


Some real estate agents will overprice your home’s value in order to get your listing and to make you temporarily happy. Then, they will advise you to reduce the price of your home three months after being on the market because nobody showed interest in the property due to it being overpriced. That’s when you are not happy anymore. It is never a good thing to go through one or several price reductions. It makes the prospect wonder if there is something wrong with the house. Don’t forget that buyers have access to a lot of information about the real estate market, and they take their time to look at comparables to see if the price makes sense. Today’s buyers have a tendency to be less impulsive, and they negotiate more than they used to. Price your home right, and you will have a better chance to sell your home to the right buyer quickly and smoothly. You may even get multiple offers to choose from, with the possibility of obtaining more than the original asking price.

Price your home too high, and it will take longer to sell, or you may not even be able to sell it at all. As an example, you cannot ask for $10,000,000 when your home is worth $7,000,000. You won’t sell it, and you will waste your time. I can provide you many examples of such events that occurred in the market with sellers who were temporarily happy when they picked an agent who gave them a price they liked, and later on, their home never sold. Numbers are facts, comparables talk, and buyers listen to them! You should too if you want to sell your home in the most favorable conditions.


You own a great property in a desired location, and you are now ready to sell, but nobody knows about it. This is when you hire Julien to advertises your property to give it the maximum exposure locally, nationally, and globally. Some of the many ways that we will market your property include:

  • Advertising through the internet on the MLS, on, on various well-known local, national and international real estate websites, and on popular social media platforms.
  • Creating your property’s own distinct website that showcases it through professional photography and detailed information about your home and its features.
  • Placing ads in key print media outlets such as heavily circulated real estate magazines, local newspapers, custom made flyers, and strategically distributed high quality postcards.
  • Mailing and emailing beautifully designed color flyers and postcards comprised of an excellently structured property description and engaging images that highlight your homes best features.
  • Setting up open houses and broker opens efficiently to create a buzz and draw the maximum amount of interest.
  • Utilizing Fontaine Brokerage’s huge global network and database to spread the word to agents and buyers locally, nationally, and globally.

What do you do now?

The first thing to do is to Contact Us to schedule a meeting to tour your property and to talk about your real estate expectations. We will tell you how much your home is worth in today’s market and we will show you the best marketing strategies to highlight your property’s assets to the right buyers, based on its condition, its qualities, its location, and its attractiveness.